Moth Electret explores a "gauzy hinterland of darkly hypnotic soundscapes, set to murky down-tempo IDM pulsations".

Moth Electret was formed by "Ztiggy" in 2006 as an creative escape and alternative to the then dormant dark ambient project r|a|a|n, forming a more freely poetic exploration in sound; often inspired by unusual locations, events and gatherings.



moth electret

+ dawngazer    |    cir cul records [2014]

Dawngazer's initial point of departure came from experiences traveling the far corners of the California & Nevada deserts.   Its a solitary hallucinatory journey through a gauzy and darkly hypnotic landscape.

+ tocasen    |    diophantine discs [2009]
ambient noise project. netherworld of bug culture

+ LiL    |    mystery sea records [2007]
angular aquatic drone concept album

As r|a|a|n:
+ the nacrasti | malignant records [2001] dark ambient desert fantasia + some compilations and web releases.

With Aesthetic Meat Front:
+ Multiple releases and performance art

With Torine Helland:
+ Various Audio Visual Collaborations with Torine Helland